What is it?

This programme is currently one WOD per week. Released every Friday morning via both @boxarmour and @shauny_doxey Instagram to be completed by Monday.

The idea is to provide WOD inspiration for people to get to the box over the weekend for Open Gym. To work on weaknesses and to challenge yourself in workouts which aren’t always feasible in class format due to space during busy classes/equipment and time.

Over time we’ll start to include a strength or skill element to sessions as well as the WOD. With tips, warm up drills and exercise to help improve.

Every workout is designed to be accessible for all levels of fitness so where the movements are more technical or the weights are on the heavier side, scale it safely like you would in a class.

As well as all this there’ll be some awesome prizes available as the weeks go by. As much as we want to see big lifts and fast times. BA Programming isn’t about finding the strongest or fastest CrossFitters. Prizes will be selected at random from athletes completing the workouts, for the best efforts, best selfies or consistency.

Who are we targeting?

Now don’t get us wrong. We’d love to have full time athletes taking on these workouts and hopefully now and again we will. But this is more for those of you that can only train 2-4 times a week.

For those of you with families and busy lifestyles it’s not always possible to make it to the box daily. During each week there are sessions that you’d probably love to attend but you just can’t make it.

Then comes the open gym sessions at the weekend where you can make it but you’re never sure what to do. You don’t feel like you can take on one of the weekly WODS on your own and your training buddy has already done it! That’s where we come in.

BA Programming will be a session that you can get through inside an hour so not taking up much of your time. We want this to be a WOD that you can get yourself and a few mates together to go get an extra session in at the weekend. A little added motivation to take yourself out of your comfort zone and push yourself and friends through. A WOD where afterwards you’re all buzzing and want to go for a coffee together or maybe even a beer.


Grab your mates, take on the weekly challenges and enjoy the community side of CrossFit. CrossFit is for anyone and so are these workouts. Scale them where needed, be safe, smile and encourage everybody along the way! Although we have different goals, we’re all in this together!

Don’t forget to tag @boxarmour & @shauny_doxey in your selfies, videos and scores! Keep an eye on our Instagram accounts for updates on WODs, prizes and new Box Armour gear dropping.

Shaun Doxey
Coach – Crossfit Buxton