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Home Box/Affiliate – CrossFit Buxton
Competition Achievements - My Comp Achievements have been mainly in Teams so far. Last year I competed at Wild West twice with a 4th Place finish in the summer. Then more recently made Podium at The Central Staffs cup and The Glacier Games in December
Worst WOD - Fran or even worse Heavy Fran. This is the first wod I remember doing, the build up is horrendous and the few minutes your involved aren’t much better.
Favourite WOD -16.1. I Love the Open and this is my favourite wod in the 3 years I’ve done it. Anything 20 Mins with light weights and a few Burpees
CrossFit & Me - I Discovered CrossFit nearly 5 years ago as a PT. I Started to enjoy the process both in training and applying CrossFit style workouts to my classes and with Clients. Next thing I know I’d taken my level 1 and I’m now the proud owner of CrossFit Buxton with our 4 year anniversary in May this year. What’s not to love about CrossFit? Number one has to be the community though. For People of all ages, fitness levels and backgrounds. It literally brings everyone together and makes friends for life.
What’s to Come - More of the same really with the goal to keep building the community of CFB. On the comps side of things I’ve got wild west winter slam this weekend hoping to make finals, inferno racing in June and battle cancer in August but no doubt there'll be a few more in the calendar soon. Training wise the main goal for me this year to get Stronger and hopefully qualify for an individual comp next year before I become a master

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Home Box/Affiliate – CrossFit 13
Competition Achievements - Battle Of Britain 2017 10th place finish (first individual competition) / Amsterdam Throwdown 2017 (2nd individual competition 13th place ) / Summer Slam 2017 (teams of 3, 2nd place) German Throwdown 2017 (teams of 4, 4th place finish)
Worst WOD - Hmmm least favourite to date 17.1 !! TOO MANY BURPEES
Favourite WOD - Haven’t got one. I love anything with power jerks, cleans, thrusters, wall balls, actually we could be here for a while!
CrossFit & Me - There are so many reasons to love CF! It’s addictive, rewarding, motivating the list goes on. There is always so much to work on and to become better at, so many reasons to go back the next day and do it all over again. The community whether it’s the support you receive from your friends/peers at your box whilst trying to get your first pull or muscle up, finish a wod, get that last rep on your back squat to the encouragement from complete strangers at a competition, it’s priceless. CF has taught me we can all achieve anything if we try hard enough. 2018 for me will be about enjoying my training as much as possible, and getting the most out of every minute I put in. If I can only train for an hour because of work/life commitments, then I'm going to make sure it’s the most rewarding 60 minutes of my day.

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Home Box/Affiliate – CrossFit Buxton
Competition Achievements - Some of my competition achievements from the last year include top 10 finishes at both winter & summer finals at Wild West and The Glacier Games. Individually I made the Rocket final in last summers Rainhill Trials finishing 9th overall but my highlight so far has to be qualifying for The European Championships and just missing out on a semi final Spot finishing 34th place in January.
Favourite WOD - Fight Gone Bad or Grace
CrossFit & Me - I started CrossFit in 2014 just to become ‘a little fitter’. My goals soon changed from wanting fat loss and to tone up to increasing strength, learning to lift and wanting to master all the gymnastic movements. CrossFit has taught me that it’s not about how you look, that being fit and healthy is what’s important with the added bonus that training hard most days means you can also eat a lot of food! It keeps me motivated knowing there is always something new to learn and improve on. I have also made a lot of friends through CrossFit and love the community it brings with it, meaning it is never a chore to workout.

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Home Box/Affiliate – The Project Health & Fitness
Competition Achievements - 39th at The European Championship 2018, 42nd Alpha Games 2017, 1st Inferno Pairs Series Sheffield 2017, 9th WODStock Copenhagen 2017, 11th Battle of Britain 2017.
Worst WOD - Anything with burpee box jumps
Favourite WOD - Fight Gone Bad or 17.3
CrossFit & Me - CrossFit for me has been a platform for competitive sport since stopping playing rugby. It has taught me a few hard lessons but that is one of the main reasons I keep coming back for more, find a weakness and eliminate it! First up in 2018 is The Open, closely followed by The Battle of Britain and fingers crossed some European competitions this summer!

Jordan Taylor |

Home Box/Affiliate – CrossFit Buxton
Competition Achievements - Glacier Games Ice Age 3 - 3rd, BodyPower 2018 (Team of 4) - 1st, Inferno Racing 2018 - 7th, Rainhill Trails (Rocket) - 5th
Worst WOD - The European Championships Q1 (5RFT - 3 Front Squats (90kg) / 6 Snatches (any weight) / 9 Deadlifts (90kg) / 12 HSPU’s)
Favourite WOD - Grace
CrossFit & Me - 10 years of Gymnastics, a third of CrossFit is Gymnastics, just felt right to give it ago, fell in love with the sport and The competitive side of it, which brings to this day three years on I’m competing on a regular basis all year round.
What's To Come? - To continue making small goals and achieving them Over a short period of time, to improve on areas whether it’s weightlifting, aerobic or even gymnastics and just having fun at training whilst repping the Box Armour gear!

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Home Box/Affiliate – Train Manchester/CF Napalm
Competition Achievements - Battle of the Beasts finals (2015), Battle of Britain finals (2016 & 2018), 2nd Rainhill Trials Rocket category (2016) (2018), 2nd Rainhill Trials Team (2018), 1st Wild West winter slam (Team) (2017), 1st at the Firestorm Throwdown (2017), Cyprus Throwdown finals (2017)
Worst WOD - Kalsu at body weight, it sucks if you weigh over 90kg
Favourite WOD - A good old long chipper, FGB or any heavy lifting thank you
CrossFit & Me - I first stumbled upon CrossFit in Afghanistan in 2012 but never really took it on until late 2013 when CF Napalm opened up in Stoke. CrossFit is literally part of my life I live and breathe it, I strive to be the best athlete and coach I can on a daily basis.
What's To Come? - Take each day as it comes, I strive for progress each and every day, so who knows where the path may lead. I compete now and again so come say hi if you’re about.